Pokie-Free Pubs

Pubs without poker machines. Seriously, how good are they? Pubs that focus on live music, or great food, or fancy drinks, or (gasp) their patrons! There’s nothing better.

I published my first list of Melbourne’s pokie-free pubs way back in October 2010, on my blog. Little did I know at the time how popular it would become. I later launched a pokie-free pubs website (this website, in fact) but had to close it down a few years later after a number of corruption events from overseas and a serious lack of time on my part. I re-vamped my list in 2015 for all of Victoria, set up a second list for Queensland… and the reaction has shown that now even more than ever, people want pokie-free alternatives when they’re choosing a pub to go to.

And now, we’re back with a simpler website, more pubs than ever before, an easy-to-use searchable interface and a new lease on life. Want a pokie-free pub? Look no further. 🙂